Frosty Gracie Poetry

Amateur poetry by Gracie Foust

What A Girl Wants – Anaphora – Journal 6

February 24th, 2017

I want to tell you everything,
I want to make things right.
I want your frown to become a smile,
I want my tears to stop.
I want a lightness in your eyes,
I want a gentle touch.
I want to hold your hand and
I want to feel me blush.
I want to make you look at me,
I want a soft kiss.
I want what we had back, and
I want it to be bliss.
I want you to understand and
I want you to forget.
I want you to know I never meant what I said.
I want what’s best for me and
I want what’s best for you,
I want you to see she’s not the one for you.
I want you to leave her,
I want you in my bed.
I want you to think she’s ugly,
I want you to tell her that.
I want you to love only me, and
I want you to know that you should.
I want you to want me, and
I want you.

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